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Most people never have the opportunity to even meet a World Champion, let alone train with one, If you want to be your best, you have to learn from the best, and that means finding someone with the credibility and world class status.


Maurepaz (a.k.a.“MO”) caters to a broad spectrum of clientele. Mo is the “go-to” boxing trainer in NYC for many celebrities (actors, athletes, TV-hosts, musicians, models, CEO's and more) such as Chazz Palminteri, Alan Cumming, Maurice DuBois, Arsenio Hall, Carlos Leon, Jay Glazer, Randy Couture, Lou Gusset Jr., and many more! Whether you're new to Kickboxing, or an experienced Martial Artist looking to compete professionally, Mo can help you reach your goals by using the same methods that made him a World Champion...




About Maurepaz Auguste
Maurepaz Auguste’s personal training program combines proven training methods with modern, scientific teaching techniques -- enabling you to learn quickly and easily. Mo has developed methods of instilling all techniques to muscle memory.

The Triple R method promises to teach the skills to be a professional boxer in one month and a professional kick boxer in two months.

The Champ in Action!